It’s not a measurement of space but of passion.

To be unbound in our approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is to set the standard for how the industry moves forward without barriers and without reservation.

By creating a culture of never settling, we achieve growth for ourselves and our customers.

Why AInfinity?

From our unique position as a leader in ITOps, we utilize our unmatched expertise to design and deploy multiple end-to-end solutions while innovating next generation Artificial Intelligence and ITOps capabilities.

AInfinity leverages our extensive experience, continually evolving our approach to innovating solutions for our customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Our unique approach to AI is derived from the philosophy of collective intelligence – a collaboration between both human and machine – that when realized achieves true impact.

Our Parent Company

Founded in 2003, our parent company, Atlas Systems, has a proven track record of providing competitive advantages in innovation, reliability and time to market that have positive impact on bottom lines by delivering strategic software solutions and services for our clients.

Our Clients